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Adrian DJ. Gaspar

Grade 10

Education in these unsettling times is undeniably difficult for we are likely to experience a lot of struggles such as internet connectivity problems, lack of gadgets, and troubles in coping with the new normal set-up. But thankfully, Bulacan Ecumenical School has really paved the way for its learners by their utmost understanding and concern for us. 


They have provided a Learning Management System that caters to our needs and circumstances. We may be experiencing minimal technical troubles and difficulties sometimes, but it is always fixed immediately.

We have our flexible online live sessions every Monday to Wednesday wherein we can view the lessons thru our LMS remotely if we weren’t able to attend the live session due to some problems. And we have our E-mentoring sessions every Thursday and Friday where we conduct reviews and assessments about our lessons.


BES never failed to provide quality education to all of its learners even in the comfort of our own homes. The teachers always make sure that each learner understands the lessons well. They also ensure that no learners are left behind. BES’ online learning makes us feel as if we are truly conducting face-to-face classes. This institution always tries to provide what's best for us. They always want us to feel the best online learning experience.


With this program, we always have time to take a rest after classes and do what we want to since school works are not that many and can be finished promptly with proper time management and our schedule is not hectic which makes our learning experience more meaningful, effective and not tiring.


Despite this new normal setup of education, BES is still committed to promoting a culture of excellence. Moreover, they do not just focus on academic aspects but also in the spiritual aspect. We always have our Good Morning God (GMG) every morning where students, teachers, staff, and even BES’ alumni share and express their faith and testimony.


The first year of online education may be full of struggles since we are on the point of adjusting to this new normal set-up but it is definitely full of new learnings and experience. With BES’ program, my critical thinking and technical skills were enhanced. It also allows us to be more independent, organized, disciplined and enables us to have our schedule.


Finally, we had also conducted our Career Orientation which gave us the much-needed direction and makes it clear where we see ourselves in the future. It also helped us to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and the knowledge and skills required to achieve our goals in the future. They let us identify which strand fits our interests and abilities.

San Diego.png

Althea Maryse M. San Diego

Grade 7

When COVID 19 started, we thought that it wouldn't last long, but we were wrong. This pandemic lasted beyond our expectations, and affected many lives, affected our daily living, which includes our education.


In online class, students can't ask or approach our teachers face to face, but they still provided us clear instructions for our projects and assignments. Our online class experience here in BES helped us to absorb the content more effectively and to be independent.


It is a huge adjustment for me because first, I am a new student and then this pandemic goes along with it. COVID-19 resulted in online classes and it changed the way we take our exams, learn our lessons, and do our performance tasks.


Teachers are competent and genuine in helping students to learn during this pandemic. BES Online Program has good technical support which is very helpful to perform online classes effectively.


Maveen V. Millanes

Grade 7

New normal! How could it be? A lot of questions popped up in my mind thinking of how it would be, and how could it be done? As a freshman, I wondered, "How can learning be possible?", "How can we learn?" "How can we enhance our skills in this new system of learning?" With this regard, my parents decided to upgrade our Internet connection, have my study area, and even bought a second desktop just for me to be ready for the new system even though we're not so sure about it. Yes, we faced a lot of struggles along our path but these struggles and problems made me realize that in each hard work, victory awaits.

The First Quarter I called it "The Trial" why? Because this is the quarter where we have done numerous trials in terms of the new learning system. Not only me, but everyone struggled with it since this learning system was newly introduced to me and to some of the students too. There are many activities to do, paper works, and performance tasks. I remember that I had a roller coaster of emotions for the first quarter, I became happy, sad, and somehow I got angry.

But after a few months, the Second Quarter approached. You may wonder what I called it. I called it "The New Beginning" , the new beginning of everything. We finally adjusted to this new system of education. The following quarters are Third and Fourth. Both quarters were successful. There are many lessons that this pandemic taught me. One of those lessons is that "Everything is possible." First, my parents were both supportive of my studies, second, the school did their promises and did their best to give us quality education and upholding Christian values. BES Tech Team provided the best ways to make everything possible in this new normal.  Special thanks to our teachers who imparted their knowledge, wisdom, and skills for us to learn more. They are very accommodating, loving, and considerate that boosts our self-esteem.


And finally, God. I put all of my trust in HIM and do what he wants me to do. I never skipped a day thanking HIM for giving me knowledge, strength, and wisdom for me to study. We may face a lot of problems not only in academics but also in our daily lives. It made me realize that these problems will make me strong, firm, and independent, and my faith and relationship with HIM will grow more. Lastly, I want to leave this quote, "Education is all a matter of building bridges." Continue to build that "bridge" until you claim that success! Our future is in our hands, so let's continue to write our story and pursue more! To God be the glory!


The program that I'm very proud and happy with that our school had is GMG --- Good Morning God. One of the remarkable things that happened to me is that I'm one of the sharers. I'm happy that I got a chance to share God's words and inspire other people. And also, because of this, my faith and relationship with HIM deeply grew. There were many programs that our beloved school had. It helped the students like me to boost their self-esteem and have confidence in themself. Our interpersonal communication was also improved because of the different programs. As I end my testimony, I want to share this caption, "BES, Servant of God." BES teachers, faithful to their vision and mission -- transforming individuals and providing quality education amid the pandemic.


Thank you, Bulacan Ecumenical School! To God be the highest glory!


Kurt Sebastian G. Arcilla

Grade 11 - STEM

Despite the pandemic, Bulacan Ecumenical School gave its full potential to deliver the lessons needed by its students. In addition, BES also implemented a unique program towards the appropriateness of the skills and education the students need in the future.

BES helped me to access education in this time of pandemic by delivering the lessons in a technological way, delivering it by their own Learning Management System or LMS and real-time discussion using Zoom Application. It is a wonderful experience and a new way to learn, BES can give quality education despite our situation.


Bulacan Ecumenical School is an institution that will help you grow and learn at the same time. BES' Program taught me to be more flexible in terms of coping up to the new normal and environment we are in right now. Also, the school and teachers are keeping the fire in our (students) hearts, the eagerness to learn for our future, as a senior high school student that is the greatest thing that we want right now, the motivation and support. BES taught us to fight and be grateful for the gifts that we receive from the Lord. BES is not just a school to learn from, it is also a home, a family willing to help each other.


Alexis Raquel B. Papa

Grade 11 - STEM

I won't deny that I'm really having seconds thoughts on how I can survive Grade 11 back then because of the pandemic but, I am thankful because BES gave me the opportunity to access education virtually despite difficulties. I learned a lot of things that I never thought I would and I am really thankful for that. What I really like about our online class is that we have recorded videos of our classes that we can watch at our LMS. It was a great help to me especially when I make notes after.


BES has given us quality education which I loved the most. They also thought us a lot of things not just academically, but also spiritually and mentally. I became more confident in answering in class because our teachers are always encouraging us to speak and they also remind us to not be afraid to try. The new program of BES turned everything impossible to impossible and that's what I am grateful for. 

Ana Cathrina Victoria Photo.jpg

Ana Cathrina Victoria

Grade 12 - ABM

BES adjusted to this new normal excellently. Siyempre noong una, hindi naiwasan ang pagkakaroon ng kaunting problema sa LMS ngunit, agad naman itong nabigyan ng aksyon ng paaralan.  Also, BES made sure that their students can still have access to education no matter where they stand in our country’s social stratification. Hindi naging hadlang ang kawalan ng Wi-Fi sa ibang mga tahanan o kaya nama’y kakulangan sa gadyet at pera sa patuloy na pagbibigay serbisyo ng paaralan. I truly appreciate that. Lastly, our schedule was very good. Every Monday to Wednesday, we have our live classes and we have our E-mentoring every Thursday and Friday.

Studying was not that exhausting because after classes, I still have time to rest and help in the household chores. That is what I love the most about the school’s program.

BES made sure that we can still experience some of the school activities held every year for the graduating students despite the pandemic. We had a Christmas celebration where each section competed. For that, we developed solidarity and a much stronger relationship with our classmates even online. We also had an Online Spiritual Retreat where we have learned remarkable lessons regarding our future career and life choices.

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