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Philosophical Mandate


BULACAN ECUMENICAL SCHOOL focuses its educational mandate on the holistic transformation of students. This holistic transformation program is integrated with the educational system prescribed by the Department of Education.

We believe that human being is created by God with God-given potentials. Whether they were born with disabilities or without, they have God-given potentials that must be harnessed in order to serve their God-given purpose. These potentials can be developed through the aid of a learning system and process known as TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION.

We believe that God-given potentials can be expressed through various aspects of a human being commonly known as the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE.

We believe that in order to harness and develop these potentials, a balanced treatment in the total well – being of a child (the COGNITIVE, the AFFECTIVE, the PHYSICAL, the SOCIAL, the SPIRITUAL DOMAINS) must be addressed carefully in accord with CHRISTIAN VALUES and PRINCIPLES.

         We believe that if all aspects of a child’s well-being are DEALT WITH PROPERLY AND PURPOSIVELY, his potentials will emerge and will find ways to serve its purpose.

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